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Save Our Cabin

My maternal grandparents, John and Thyra Nihlroos, lived in this quaint little log cabin for twenty-five years. It was located in a forest hollow on our property. It was a favorite spot for Mary-Jo, Molly, and me. When my mom and dad sold five acres, the cabin had to be moved or demolished. It was offered to the city of Edmonds, Washington, and much to our delight was accepted as a Bicentennial Project. It was moved in August of  1975, and was formally dedicated, appropriately, on the Fourth of July, 1976. The Edmonds Chamber of Commerce has used it since then as a community information center, attracting much interest and many visitors,  including Mary-Jo, Molly, and me and our husbands and children. Our beloved cabin was safe; located on 5th Avenue North, nestled next to the Edmonds Museum which used to be the Edmonds Library where I participated  in the Book Club every summer.

But now we're concerned about the Cabin's future.  It's logs are deteriorating. "The Cabin needs work. Serious work. Of the do-this-or-die variety." So, to make a long story short, a wonderful woman named Mary Van Meter put out the rallying cry to SAVE OUR LOG CABIN. There is now a Committee (of which my sister, Molly, is the President) to investigate historical landmark issues, grants, fund-raising, whatever it takes to preserve "The little house with a soul." A proposed date of March 21, 1999 exists for the Campaign Kick-off. The goal is $50,000 (gulp), of which approximately $4500 is in place. Although it looks doubtful that I will be able to attend the Kick-off, my hopes are that I will be able to participate in the Ground-Breaking and Ribbon-cutting  I also have offered a performance of Bronwen, the Traw and the Shapeshifter as a fund-raiser and am waiting for a date. (Note: This performance has has already taken place. For more information read Carol's Bronwen Review.)  Looks like I'll be seeing the "Bluest Skies You've Ever Seen" a number of times over these next many months. How lovely! I'll keep you posted so that if we're in the Seattle area at the same time, perhaps we can meet and greet at OUR CABIN....the Millennium Project.


Please do not send any more donations to Edmonds, Washington.
The Save Our Cabin account is closed and all donations will be returned to the sender. 
If you would like to contribute to the maintenance of the Cabin please visit the Cabin Cookbook section to order a one of a kind book that includes many photos of the Bridget, her Family, the Cabin, and lots of photos of the Here Come the Brides cast members who have also contributed recipes for this cookbook.
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