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Chatting With Bridget  

First Chat  October 26  ,2000

Everyone:  Hi Bridget and Susie! 

(Susie): Hi Everyone, hang on a sec while Bridget gets her typin' fingers a goin'!
Obe539: we'll take all the fingers you have

SMED4: Bridget, thanks ever so much for the pictures at the get together!
Obe539: Oh yes it was wonderful
TMSJ: yes, thank you so much!
Lorat: it sure was
Blu Skiiz: They were truly a hit, Bridget! You're a doll!
dproyd: Thank-you Bridget for my beautiful picture!
TMSJ: Ellisa, Janet, Rose and Lynn also send their thanks.

CHill75882: Thanks also for tonight's chat
Obe539: oh yes
SMED4: Yes indeedy!
Obe539: indeedy do
Obe539: any one want to dance
SMED4: you know I c-can't dance
Obe539: Please

MissCandyPruitt: I can't believe that I'm actually here and speaking via cyber-space to all of you wondrous Bridesters. I want you all to know that it actually started to rain on my drive over here,  and unfortunately I had to get out of the car before the mud appeared. I want you to know  how very special you are and how much you mean to me and all of us from those hallowed days of HERE COME THE BROADS (OOPS) BRIDES! Now, I'll hush for a moment and try to be a computer grown-up!
Obe539: neither can we
Lorat: It's wonderful to have you
Obe539: oh my yes
Blu Skiiz: We sure appreciate you taking your time to do this!
CHill75882: Yes, very much so, Bridget
MHKnight: we sure do!
Obe539: this is truely a gift a precious gift
SMED4: We sure do! Thanks so much
dproyd: Thank-you for coming!
Obe539: Seattle weather hehehe
Blu Skiiz: We thought that might have delayed you!
MHKnight: Bridget, I've never had to pleasure to talk to you, but wanted to thank you...deeply, for being such a great influence on us as kids!
Obe539: and to this day
Blu Skiiz: Oh how sweet, Bridget! The feelings are mutual!
SMED4: You were a good influence on me as a kid and still are!
Carousel F: I think that as a large group we all had wonderful taste in deciding who we looked up to then ... and it has been proven to us now that we are adults
MHKnight: agreed Bobbi : )
Blu Skiiz: HA, good one Bridget! :-)
Obe539: thats no fun
SMECrane: That's no fun
NEA WOOD: It's more fun not to be a grown-up! :-)
SMED4: LOL Bridget
Lorat: funny Bridget
Carousel F: on computer you can be whatever age you want :)
Blu Skiiz: We're never too grown up on here, so why should you be?! :-)
CHill75882: We're all 13, actually LOL
MHKnight: being 12-14 is a wonderful time.. at 40something LOL

MissCandyPruitt: I should be grown-up because I'm so ooooooooooooooold!
SMECrane: Never
TMSJ: perish the thought!
Obe539: No you are not old.. You will never be old
dproyd: I love being 13 again and again!!
Blu Skiiz: No way! You're forever young and beautiful!
MHKnight: if you are old, then we are old...and that just can't be!!!!
Carousel F: lol agreed
CHill75882: Can't be. 
CHill75882: It's just the rain, making you think you're old :)
KKrause658: true
SMED4: We all still live in 1968-70, so you can too
SMECrane: We're doing The Tempest in January. I think I must be crazy
dproyd: You sure can Bridget!

OhioRook: Hi All.
MissCandyPruitt: HI PAULA, you world traveler

SMECrane: Bridget, my students miss you!!
MissCandyPruitt: Sharon, I wear my sweat-shirt all the time on my walks.
And I still am in awe of the wonderful performance I was lucky enough to see.
SMECrane: We're doing The Tempest in January. I think I must be crazy
MissCandyPruitt: Sharon, I would like to do a one-woman TEMPEST. The story of my life.
NEA WOOD: You're good at those one-woman shows

MKBAUGHAN: Hi Bridget...
MissCandyPruitt: Marsha, is that you? How are the twins? I miss them.
MKBAUGHAN: it is me, and they are here with me... we took off early from work to get here
MKBAUGHAN: Hey Bridget , how are you?? it me Karen one of Marsha's Twins!!!
I miss you too!!! 

CHill75882: Bridget, I've been wanting to ask: What's the funniest thing you remember about HCTB?
MissCandyPruitt: One of the funniest things about HCTB that comes to mind as I panic over the computer is that Susan and I were both very near-sighted, and whenever would over-shoot our mark unless they left big BOULDERS! in our path. In fact, I spent a great deal of time falling down. I still do.
NEA WOOD: I'd love to see those outtakes
dproyd: LOL!
Obe539: or ouch takes
Blu Skiiz: LOL! Well, I do that, too, and I'm not nearsighted! :-)
Carousel F: lol
SMED4: We would kill for those outtakes
Obe539: Which was your favorite show?
SMECrane: We nearsighted people need to band together.
dproyd: Yes we do Sharon!

SMECrane: LOL Bridget do you have any memories of shooting out at Franklin Canyon? 

Lorat: Think you will ever do anything on the East Coast Bridget
MissCandyPruitt: I would love to work on the East Coast. In fact, one of my
dreams of late has been the  possibility of moving East for a year to see what it's like
and to go up through New England in the Fall to watch the leaves change. I envy you all have been in NEW BEDFORD! I wanted to desperately to be there,
but I was actually in SEATTLE  for a baby-shower for my step-son TenEyck's wife Leslie. The baby is due VERY SOON!
Obe539: Oh do come we would love to have you
Obe539: Oh you must go to new bedford... they like us there
MHKnight: a lot of east coast fans ..to be sure!
KKrause658: yes
Blu Skiiz: We missed you in New Bedford, Bridget!
SMED4: New Bedford will never be the same after our visit!
CHill75882: and some Midwesterners who'd make the trip
TMSJ: YES!! come to the EAst coast!
dproyd: Please come to New England Bridget!
Carousel F: Our leaves are gorgeous right now .. 
Obe539: I'll send you some leaves
Lorat: Yeah, we have lots of leaves. LOL
Carousel F: except the ones begging to be raked on the ground
Obe539: heehe
NEA WOOD: Seattle's good, too! :-)
MHKnight: that's funny!!!
Obe539: Oh well thats the second place we'd want to be
SMECrane: Very good, Jeremy.
Obe539: Oh dear
Blu Skiiz: You were with us in spirit!
dproyd: Lucky Seattle!
Obe539: yes we all thought of you
SMED4: How exciting!
SMECrane: Love those babies!
MHKnight: oooo, grandma bridget!
SMECrane: Again?
Obe539: that seems unreal
SMED4: I'm a step-grandma too
MHKnight: me too
SMECrane: I'd better not be..
CHill75882: Now I wish I'd had kids not cats
dproyd: I'm a great aunt!

SMECrane: I'm a mediocre aunt
NEA WOOD: I'm sure you're a wonderful aunt, Patrice! :-)
Blu Skiiz: Yeah, being an aunt is good, too...

MissCandyPruitt: I AM NOT ANSWERING WELL. I'm so excited to talk to all of
you, but it's hard to read every-thing all at once. Are you getting bored? Should I let
Susie take over on the typing? 

NEA WOOD: You're doing great!
Obe539: Thats ok your here.. what more could we ask for
Blu Skiiz: No, really, you're doing a good job!
SMED4: Yes, you are doing great. Just take your time
MHKnight: chats are tough :)
CHill75882: You're doing fine :)
SMECrane: No way!
MissCandyPruitt: WHEW!
Blu Skiiz: It's fun to just "chat"!
Carousel F: you're doing great
NEA WOOD: Gosh, you are a perfect typist, Bridget, no errors! I am
Obe539: we tend to talk fast too ok ladies slow down
TMSJ: ehmsyzygy: Tell B she can talk, we will listen 
Blu Skiiz: Yes, we're more used to the chats than you, too
SMECrane: We'll be our prim and proper best.
CHill75882: We can cheat at a ratio of 16 to 1 LOL
SMECrane: Oops 15 to 1
Carousel F: your odds are improving .. lol
dproyd: This is only my 2nd chat!
CHill75882: Patrice, we really must get you out more

CHill75882: Can you tell us about some of your current projects, Bridget?
MissCandyPruitt: One is to master this machine and the other is to master my
machine at home. Actually, things have been very busy with play-readings, auditions,
the SAG-AFTRA strike (which is now officially over pending the vote of the membership. ) And,I did a part on a Pilot, written by Eugene Pack (who wrote ELINOR ADJUSTING ). It was for VH1 and if it sells (not known until next February probably), I am established as the Mom or the lead ROCK - Hopeful, so I might actually be back on camera.

Obe539: Oh really by whom
Obe539: isn't it over .. the strike I mean
Blu Skiiz: That's good, Bridget! I bet you're happy the strike is almost
SMED4: Oh how exciting! It would be great to have you on TV again
Blu Skiiz: Wow, that would be GREAT!
Obe539: I'm glad you didn't do like Democracy in action... and had to
alienate your affections from 
NEA WOOD: Fabulous
SMECrane: Hooray!
Obe539: Oh thats fantastic
Lorat: that would be wonderful
CHill75882: It is!
Carousel F: very kewl
dproyd: That would be Wonderful,Bridget!
MHKnight: hope it works out for ya! :)
KKrause658: neat
TMSJ: best of luck on that! I hope to see you on it1
CHill75882: Congrats, Bridget!
Wendy7999: We look forward to seeing you "onscreen" again. Susie, can you
keep us posted as to when it
Blu Skiiz: We love your plays, but t.v. would reach more people
Wendy7999: will be on??
CHill75882: Like those of us cross the country
SMED4: I loved Elinor Adjusting, the only play of yours I've been privileged
to see yet

SMECrane: Bridget have you seen Teresa's fan fiction site? 'Tis a wonder to
TMSJ: {{{{{blushing}}}}} Sharon.
MissCandyPruitt: I have not been to Teresa's fan fiction site, because I can
hardly do email........I send messages to myself!

Obe539: took me a while too somedays I still do
MHKnight: good way to start, my mom is doing that too LOL!
SMECrane: If Elinor can Adjust so can Bridget
Wendy7999: LOL!! Do you answer the e-mail you send to yourself?? ha-ha!!
CHill75882: This is easy Bridget! You can do it anytime--click a link and
go back in time to great stories
Lorat: sounds like computer lessons are needed. LOL
Blu Skiiz: It takes everyone a while at first...it just take practice
Obe539: sort of like riding a bike.. relax and try again
KKrause658: yes, confidence builds the more you're on
CHill75882: It's only intellectually painful when you fall off too lOL
Carousel F: yes after all this time I still practice cursing at the thing at
least twice a day
Obe539: oh dear is that whats wrong with me
SMECrane: There are so many fun things to do, on line.

MissCandyPruitt: LISTEN UP, dear ones. One of the reasons for this chat
this evening is to announce that as of this very evening, there is a brand new Web-Site (w-w-w-ith some of the same information, but a great deal of new things) put up by Patti Wilkins. The address is www.bridgethanley.net. Come visit! Also. I want you to know that I have an email address of my very own, and I will answer for myself, or you can still post on my guest-book. My email address is bridgethanley@yahoo.com. The guest-book address is still cpwilkins@aol .com. I am so excited, and I promise I''ll try to be speedy with my answers.....but you know how time can fly. Be patient and I'll manage an answer. You all mean a great deal to me. 

Obe539: Oh neat
MHKnight: uh oh.. I see a stutter
dproyd: Great!
SMED4: Lol, is Jeremy helping you type?
MHKnight: : )
Obe539: hehhe
Obe539: he can help me... 
MKBAUGHAN: probably Frankie is helping her type
MKBAUGHAN: Calm down Nancy! LOL
Obe539: ah darn
SMED4: Cool, can't wait to see it!
CHill75882: Cool!
dproyd: Sounds wonderful!
Lorat: can't wait to see it
Obe539: ok copied down thank you
KKrause658: :)
SMED4: That's wonderful Bridget! 
MHKnight: sharon.. new web address Bridget is announcing,
CHill75882: Sharon, the addy is www.bridgethanley.net
Carousel F: Patti has always done wonderful things with your websites :)
MKBAUGHAN: That explains why Patti has been so busy
Obe539: WEll yahoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TMSJ: Hurray!!!!!
SMED4: Hip hip hooray!
MHKnight: Terrific Bridget!! You'll be learning email and all quicker than
you think! : )
Obe539: sh!!!!!!!!!!!! they hear you
SMECrane: The addy for what?
Blu Skiiz: That's great!! Thanks so much for the info. Bridget!
NEA WOOD: Yes, thanks, Bridget!
SMECrane: Darn I missed something terrific....
NEA WOOD: Which Nancy are you talking to?
Obe539: Trying but geez it so hard.. :o)
Obe539: Me the idot
MKBAUGHAN: nancy O of course! LOL
Obe539: heeheh
MKBAUGHAN: You're not an idiot!
Obe539: No me 
MHKnight: awww
Blu Skiiz: You mean a great deal to US!
Obe539: Your wonderful
MKBAUGHAN: And you to us
Carousel F: as you do to us
CHill75882: Yes, you do. 
MHKnight: and you mean a lot to us..
SMED4: Oh my yes!
Obe539: your our hero
MHKnight: ALL of the folks from HCTB
Wendy7999: Ditto!
NEA WOOD: Absolutely
CHill75882: Your poor fingers will fall off, but you will get lots of
practice with e-mail LOL
KKrause658: yes
dproyd: You sure are!
SMED4: Bridget, I still want to be just like you when I grow up!

dproyd: Bridget, are you reading anything interesting right now?

MissCandyPruitt: And did you all know that the CABIN has been SAVED?! 
KKrause658: Yes
NEA WOOD: Yes, YAY!!!!
Obe539: OH yes!
SMECrane: Hooray
Lorat: Yes
Blu Skiiz: Yes, it's wonderful!!!!!
MHKnight: yeah! congrats!
CHill75882: Yes--congrats!
Carousel F: how wonderful
dproyd: YEAH!!!
Obe539: so glad we could all help
TMSJ: yes. that's wonderful1
CHill75882: Can you tell us some cabin memories you have?
Obe539: please
MissCandyPruitt: The ribbon-cutting will happen on Saturday, November l8th
from l0:00am - 2:00pm with the
"ceremony" actually happening at Noon. Come if you wish or you can and evidently, Don soucie is planning a gathering from 3:00 - 7:00pm at Harbor Inn of Edmonds (where I have  stayed many a time when at home. So lot's is happening, and most of it is because of all of YOU! bless you, bless you, bless you!
SMED4: Wish I could be there, but too soon after the Mass GT
Blu Skiiz: Same here...
NEA WOOD: Me three
TMSJ: same.
Obe539: yes darn
CHill75882: We'll be there in spirit
dproyd: I sure wish I could go!
Obe539: yes we sure will
NEA WOOD: We told Don to take lots of photos and give us a report! :-)
Blu Skiiz: Awwww! Well, it was our pleasure!
SMECrane: We are! (We have you!)
dproyd: Bless you too Bridget!
SMED4: Ah shucks, you're so kind!
NEA WOOD: We were glad to do anything to help
Obe539: naw its you .. we followed our hearts that you so carefully gave us
Lorat: We were all excited to help
NEA WOOD: The cabin is so cute, and historically important to save
Obe539: and taught us how to use wisely
MissCandyPruitt: When I was in Seattle for the baby--shower, Bronwyn and
Megan were with me and we three took a trip to the Cabin. Bronwyn said, "Oh, Mom, this brings back so many memories". We visited it often when she was little when it was in its original setting in the woods. 

SMED4: I fell in love with the cabin at the Seattle GT
dproyd: I would love to see the cabin some day!!!
Blu Skiiz: Same here! I hate that I missed the Seattle Get Together!
NEA WOOD: We will go back!
Blu Skiiz: Yes! That would be wonderful!!
MissCandyPruitt: Anyway, Patti has put up some pictures of Bronwyn and Megan
and me with Moe Wagner, who is the contractor for the restoration and used to play inthe woods by the cabin when he was a kid. Lots of memories.

Blu Skiiz: I bet it did bring back lots of happy memories!!
CHill75882: I'm glad you have those memories. I've got memories of childhood
places I wouldn't trade the
NEA WOOD: That cabin would be so fun for a kid to hang out in!
CHill75882: world for either. They bring back warm feelings
Obe539: those are the best kind
SMED4: We really enjoyed meeting your sister, Molly, too!
NEA WOOD: She was a wonderful "tour guide"
Lorat: They are wonderful memories
MissCandyPruitt: When Mary-Jo and I were young, we used to wish that Grandma
and Grandpa would go on a vacation so that we could have a party. IT NEVER HAPPENED!

SMECrane: No wonder you were perfect for Candy Pruitt!! You WERE Candy
Obe539: yep she helped to make the dream a reality
KKrause658: LOL
Obe539: ehhehe
Blu Skiiz: Ah darn, huh? :-)
NEA WOOD: They was wise to yez! :-)
CHill75882: Well, now, in a way it will on Nov. 18th
dproyd: You sure were the perfect Candy!!!
MHKnight: : )
MissCandyPruitt: We saw Molly and Webb and Cooper and Phoebe when we were
there, and Molly and I just happened to have bought the same lime green hooded sweater. We put the hoods up and
took some rather Halloween-esque photos. Perhaps they'll wind up on the net.
NEA WOOD: Wow. Sisterly ESP
NEA WOOD: I am amazed that your grandma managed to cook in that tiny
SMECrane: Is Mary-Jo looking for her Irish roots, Bridget? I think I saw
something she posted.
NEA WOOD: Wow. Sisterly ESP
SMECrane: Hope so
Blu Skiiz: How cute!
Obe539: Oh I hope so 
Lorat: I hope so
NEA WOOD: Hint: We love photos!!! :-)
dproyd: Love to see them!

MissCandyPruitt: OOOOOOOOOHHHHHH! One of the reasons we had to use .net for
the web address was because someone had purchased bridgethanley.com. Can't
figure why, but Susan and I are really upset because they did it to both of us and would probably expect a HUGE PAY-OFF.
 We have a rather different pay-off in mind.
Blu Skiiz: Yes, just check out eCircles photo section if you want to see
tons of pics and proof of our
Blu Skiiz: love of them!
Obe539: must be the ones holding the rights to the sh ow
CHill75882: That happened to Madonna too, I hear
MHKnight: several celebs have fought it in court and won
SMED4: That's terrible. How dare they!
SMECrane: Strange people out there in cyber-land
KKrause658: it's the big thing now. But it's really bad;)
dproyd: Why would they do that to you???
MissCandyPruitt: I can understand them wanting Madonna.
KKrause658: sorry :(
SMED4: Maybe if he start a petition signed by X number of brides...
NEA WOOD: Now, wait a minute! We think you're much more talented than
Obe539: don't sell yourself short kiddo.. your special too
CHill75882: And much more prim
SMECrane: Well, they'd better not mess with "Candy Pruitt" or we'll get a
petition going!
Wendy7999: Lucky for us that our computers will visit dot-nets as well as

dot-coms!! LOL
dproyd: You sure are more talented Bridget!
Obe539: and will we tack this up to a tree???
SMECrane: No we'll tack it to them
Obe539: hehhhe
Blu Skiiz: Hard to tack a computer screen up to a tree, though, huh? :-)
Obe539: pin the tail on the sill
Obe539: ehhehe we can try

MissCandyPruitt: Kim, i am abolutely in love with the extraordinary Candy
doll. You are such an artist. 

Blu Skiiz: Isn't that adorable?! She's so talented!
Obe539: it was so lifelike
SMECrane: Candy doll?
MissCandyPruitt: Even the dress is authentic......and all the hair! It's
just extraordinary.

SMED4: Oh, gee thanks Bridget <<blushing>>
NEA WOOD: We all fell in love with it at the get-together, too
Obe539: Henry was amazed
dproyd: Her Candy doll is so beautiful
TMSJ: the curls are great on it.
Lorat: the doll was gorgeous
SMECrane: Ok who's going to post a picture of this wondrous doll? Hmmm, Kim?
SMED4: I'll make you one Bridget, but yours has to be perfect
SMED4: Susie has pictures she'll post, right Susie?

MissCandyPruitt: I just wish you were all right here in Susie's wonderful
living room so I could see you and answer every question. I get to enthralled with what you're writing, that I lose my train of thought! 

Obe539: we do too
NEA WOOD: Awww...
SMECrane: I can be there in thirty minutes. LOL
MissCandyPruitt:OK SHaron, HUSTLE!
Lorat: so do we
dproyd: I wish I was there too!!!!
MKBAUGHAN: I wish i was too:-)
CHill75882: Heehee, next time we'll have to send you pics so you can put
names to keyboards as you type
NEA WOOD: You're doing great
Wendy7999: If this was last weekend, I could have been!! LOL
Obe539: thats ok we do to
SMECrane: I'd have to cancel a rehearsal though and I canna do that to my
poor festival goers.
SMECrane: They're competing in LA on Saturday
Obe539: good luck to them
MissCandyPruitt: I wish the competers good fortune.
Lorat: Wish them good luck for us
SMECrane: Thanks! I'll tell them tonight. They're so excited.

MissCandyPruitt: I also notice that my spelling would put me back into the
fourth grade. Yikes!

Blu Skiiz: We all have troubles with typo's in here from time to time! ;-)
dproyd: You spell just fine,I'm a teacher!
Wendy7999: The official rule in any Brides chatroom is.....spelling doesn't
count!! (thank gude-ness!)
MissCandyPruitt: GUDE GUDE GUDE!!!!!!
KKrause658: LOL
Obe539: ehheheeh
CHill75882: It's the thought that counts--and it's hard enough to think late
Blu Skiiz: LOL!
MHKnight: hehe
NEA WOOD: We call it "typlexia" when we keep making mistakes
Blu Skiiz: You definetly fit right in here, Bridget! :-)
Wendy7999: LOL Nanster!!
Obe539: oh yeah
Lorat: great term Nancy
dproyd: One way of solving this, might be to consider a Group Voice Chat,
would this be possible Sus
SMECrane: Sometimes we sssstutter like Jeremy
CHill75882: Ohhh, I like that--typlexia--great ring to it
dproyd: or Bridget?

MHKnight: Well girls.. I am very sorry to do this, but I do have to go :(
4:30 comes EARLY!!
CHill75882: Night, sis!
MHKnight: Bridget..thanks soooooo much!
Obe539: night
Carousel F: Goodnight Mindy :)
Lorat: Night Mindy
Blu Skiiz: Night Mindy
MHKnight: Love to you all.. :)
OhioRook: night Mindy
CHill75882: You too Mindy
dproyd: By Mindy!
MissCandyPruitt: Mindy, thank you for being here! Nighty nighty!

MissCandyPruitt: Is there a question or secret in particular that I could
shed some light upon?

NEA WOOD: Are you in touch with any other "brides"? I know you're still
SMED4: Bridget, I would like to know who if anyone you idolized when you
were a kid?
NEA WOOD: friends w/Tina Holland, but what about Carole Shelyne, Cynthia
Hull, etc.?
SMECrane: Were there any romances that happened during the show?
Obe539: what was your favorite show
MissCandyPruitt: Well, I wasn't such a kid, but I thought Geraldine Paige
was about the most complex and 
completely wonderful actress I ever saw......even tho Ionly saw her in the movies.
Blu Skiiz: LOL, the questions are coming fast and furious now! :-)
SMECrane: She was wonderful!
Obe539: oh sigh
MissCandyPruitt: I talk with Tina Holland all the time, see Carole every
once in awhile,. and we
SMECrane: And Mitzi?
MissCandyPruitt: have all lost touch with Cynthia Hull. I see Robert all
the time, and Susan and I are still

SMECrane: I wish I saw Robert all the time!
Obe539: Oh my the emperor of the northwest ... sigh
MissCandyPruitt: great buddies, I see Bobby quite often (he came over
recently to my house to sign some more
MissCandyPruitt: photos for the "

dproyd: Me too Sharon!
Obe539: oh meee
NEA WOOD: How wonderful that you're all still in touch!
CHill75882: It's great you still keep in touch
MissCandyPruitt: cabin" and he was in his police uniform. I'm sure the
neighbors thought that I was being

Obe539: oh but what a way to go!
SMECrane: It's almost been a year since our Olive CRest encounter, Bridget.
Time flies by so fast.
SMED4: It's great how they have all helped with the cabin too
MissCandyPruitt: arrested for some nefarious happening. Excitement! I see
Henry whenever he graces Los  Angeles, and I talk to Hal England (Barnabus) a lot, and just had a lovely conversation re garding the cook-book with Bobby Biheller who played Corky. We all still have such a warm place in our hearts for the show and each other.....and you!

dproyd: I agree N.!
Blu Skiiz: LOL! Too funny! I think it's great you're in touch with no many
from the cast!
Obe539: and he can be gracefull
NEA WOOD: Awww...thanks!
KKrause658: : )
SMED4: Aww, that's so nice!
Obe539: Bridget, my son has become a Biddie fanatic.. how is she he's says
ita a closet cloom fan
TMSJ: yes, the cookbook is a great idea. Can't wait to see it.
dproyd: Thank-you so much!
Blu Skiiz: Hal England is the nicest man! He sure thinks the world of you
(as do WE!) :-)

SMECrane: You just have to tell us if you can ever get to Teresa's fan
fiction site. I'd like to know  what you think of what we've done to everyone's characters. 

Carousel F: When do you think the cookbook will be out ?
TMSJ: yes, the cookbook is a great idea. Can't wait to see it.
dproyd: Thank-you so much!
MissCandyPruitt: The cook-book should be out at the same time as the Cabin
re-dedication (I think). 

SMECrane: Hooray!
NEA WOOD: We'll all be buying it...even us kitchen klutzes! lol
SMED4: That will be great! Yay!!!
Blu Skiiz: Great!
Lorat: Oh goody
TMSJ: great!
Obe539: yes
CHill75882: Especially us kitchen klutzes LOL
Carousel F: Will we be able to order a copy of it online ?
Blu Skiiz: I have so many cook books, but I sure don't cook much! I'll be
adding this one! :-)
dproyd: I sure will buy it, maybe then I will cook!
Carousel F: lol
Blu Skiiz: LOL!

MissCandyPruitt: I'm wearing my wonderful HCTB hat. It's wonderful
TMSJ: Oh, I'm glad you like it!
SMED4: We love our HCTB hats too
Carousel F: I love the candy caps :)

MissCandyPruitt: 1

MissCandyPruitt: I know not what that 1 stands for in the previous line.
Obe539: thats ok
SMECrane: An HCTB mystery
SMECrane: We love those
SMECrane: Like how everyone in Seattle shares the same dishes and
sideboards. That's a mystery.
Blu Skiiz: You are #1 and so is HCTB! :-)
Obe539: yep

TMSJ: ehmsyzygy: Did you ever see Mark Lenard after the series ended? 
TMSJ: I know he did not stay on the West Coast for that long afterward.
MissCandyPruitt: Yes, I saw Mark quite often. We would have dinner together
on a number of occasions, and when I was in New York and Swack was in Tahiti shooting apilot, Mark and I went to the theatre together several times. What a wonderful, talented,intelligent being. He truly  graced our world!
KKrause658: that is so great to hear.
SMECrane: He sure left a legacy within us.
dproyd: He sure did Bridget!
Blu Skiiz: I wish I'd had the chance to meet him! I've heard only great
things about him as a person
Blu Skiiz: His daughter is a sweetheart
TMSJ: oh, thank her for that! tell her cathy (Lenard) was fantastic at the
SMED4: The whole HCTB cast was extraordinarily gifted
Obe539: and they stillaaare
TMSJ: That last comment was from Ellisa btw.
Blu Skiiz: Indeed they are!
Obe539: hehehe

MissCandyPruitt: I love to LOL, now that I know what it means!
CHill75882: What does it mean?
Blu Skiiz: LOL! I know, that always confuses people at first! :-)

cagbagpiper: Hi, everybody! This is Carol Anne!
Lorat: Hi Carol
Blu Skiiz: Hi Carol Anne
CHill75882: Hi Carol Anne
Obe539: hi
SMED4: Hi Carol Anne!
cagbagpiper: This is so GREAT!!!
dproyd: Hi Carol Ann Patrice here!
TMSJ: Hi, Carol Anne!
CHill75882: WB, girls we've just got to glue her into this chat--hold on
MissCandyPruitt: Hi, Carol Anne
cagbagpiper: Hi, Bridget!!

SMECrane: Have we drifted into the second chat?

MissCandyPruitt: Hi, Teresa..........or, rather wonder-woman. What a time
you planned for all! Event planning ?
TMSJ: Oh, it was fun to plan it. I had a blast. Just wish everyone were
still here!
Obe539: she did work very hard and it showed
SMED4: Teresa is an amazing organizer
Lorat: We wish we still there
Obe539: I miss the art board
NEA WOOD: We all had a great time, thanks to her
Blu Skiiz: LOL! Isn't that the truth! You heard what a wonderful job
Teresa did, I see! :-)
TMSJ: come back!
Obe539: sigh
dproyd: I wish I was still there too!!!
SMECrane: Now if she can just arrange to have us move to the same
neighborhood, I'd be happy. LOL

cagbagpiper: Are we all going to see each other face to face in Edmonds in a
couple of weeks, hope hope??
MissCandyPruitt: Yes, I will be in Edmonds and can't wait to see each and
every one of you that can come. I
certainly realize that it's too soon a trip for most, but lots of pictures will be taken, and there will loving remarks made about all of you who have been so generous in helping to  save the little log cabin with a soul. 
Obe539: our pleasure
Obe539: oh please doo
Blu Skiiz: Oh good!
SMECrane: Back of the head shots?
SMED4: I'll be there in spirit
Obe539: hehehe or eatting shots
cagbagpiper: I'll take pictures, and put them on e-circles, just as soon as
I find a cheap flight.

TMSJ: ehmsyzygy: Hi everyone! Thanks to tmsj I am listening in by
Lorat: Good Elissa

dproyd: Will you be able to come to SF, Bridget?
NEA WOOD: Good question, Patrice!
Obe539: oh please could you
Blu Skiiz: Yes, hopefully we can all meet on "our ship"!
NEA WOOD: Yes, you have to come with us to the boat...er SHIP
cagbagpiper: Yes, memories and heritage are so important, we're honoured to
be part of saving yours..and 
cagbagpiper: OURS!
SMED4: We need to get them to change the name to the Shamus O'Flynn
Obe539: heeheeh
Obe539: registar the group as blurry eyed idgots
CHill75882: We can offer to paint it for them :)

MissCandyPruitt: I YES! I've already scouted the boat------SHIP! megan
works in San Francisco, too. Can I bring her along (if she's not working?)

Obe539: OH! OH!
NEA WOOD: Oh, absolutely!!!
cagbagpiper: Of COURSE!!
Obe539: WoW
SMED4: Oh course!! 
TMSJ: most definitely!
Blu Skiiz: Certainly! We'd love it if she was there!
Obe539: yes yesyes
dproyd: Yes Please bring her!!

SMECrane: I have to go....Type to you soon, everyone..Good night Bridget.
Thanks for chatting!
NEA WOOD: Bye Sharon
Lorat: ByeSharon
CHill75882: Bye Sharon
Carousel F: Goodnight Sharon
Blu Skiiz: Bye Sharon!
SMED4: Nite Sharon
Obe539: bye
Wendy7999: . 
TMSJ: night, Sharon1
dproyd: Bye Sharon!
SMECrane: Love you all.

MissCandyPruitt: And now, the time has come for me to bid you the fondest of
farewells for the moment. 

KKrause658: nite all... 
Obe539: Oh my thank you so much
SMED4: Thanks so much Bridget for doing this chat!!
Lorat: Thank you so much for talking with us.
NEA WOOD: Yes, thank you so much
TMSJ: Thank you!
MissCandyPruitt: don't forget bridgethanley@yahoo.com. I'll talk and talk
and talk and talk!

Blu Skiiz: This was wonderful Bridget! Thank you!!!!!
Obe539: I'll never dust my computer again.. thanks
Blu Skiiz: LOL!
SMED4: Oh goody
Carousel F: Thank you so much for sharing your time with us Bridget
CHill75882: Thank you--and we'll check out the web page and e-mail you too!
cagbagpiper: Oh, was I just getting into the first chat? bye, y'all!
TMSJ: Thanks, Susie!
dproyd: Thank-you so much Bridget!!
Obe539: thanks susie..
Lorat: Thanks Susie
Obe539: sigh
MissCandyPruitt: I love you all. Thanks so much for being here tonight and
being "there" then and being everywhere now

SMED4: Thanks Susie!
Blu Skiiz: Yes, thank you Susie!!
Wendy7999: I'm so glad we had this time together......oh, that was Mr.
Roger's, not HCTB!
CHill75882: Thanks Susie!
Obe539: :o)
Blu Skiiz: Our PLEASURE, believe us!
dproyd: Thanks Susie!
Obe539: bye
Carousel F: thank you Susie
MissCandyPruitt: I want to thank Susie too! She is a wondrous human

Wendy7999: And thanks to Susie for organizing the chats!!
NEA WOOD: Yes indeedy
Blu Skiiz: Agreed!
dproyd: This has meant the world to me !!!
MissCandyPruitt: Sweet Dreams. Love, Candy

Bridget's second Chat