Poems By: James Dickey
Directed By: John Gallogly
Performed by: Bridget Hanley
Bridget Hanley's solo performance of the parents'
choice award-winning story told through verse
and music of a young girls batle with the dark
forces of the night, aided by flying squirrels, the
magic of her own heart and the light of her own
"One could wish only that Hanley might be cloned
and sent to every grade school in the country to
welcome children into a literary world they may
never otherwise have the opportunity to enter.
Turn off the television!"

--Park La Brea News/Beverly Press

"Inspired Choice" --Los Angeles Times
A cry from the heart of spring. Amazing words. This
sermon on sex, sin and salvation is delivered by
Bridget Hanley, hailed from Los Angeles to Edinburgh
 for her stunning performance.

  "Shimmers in its power and primitive beauty."
    - Los Angeles Times

    "A trip to the promised land."
      - L.A. Daily News

      "Sure to become an American Classic."
        - The Reader

        "If you want to be moved, provoked,
         and disturbed, see this show" - The Scotsman
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