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Poetry Reading
Bridget Hanley and Marvin Silbersher
November 9, 2001
The Bibro Gallery
529 W. 20th St
New York City, NY 10011

Thank you to Karen Osher for the photos and write up!

Imagine by complete surprise......again......when Patti emailed me to tell me that Bridget was coming to New York...again!!!!!  That is twice in the same year and I get to see her.....again!!!! When I received Patti's email I immediately called by best friend Anne Ryan and told her the awesome news!! We were both so excited that Bridget was coming east!!


  Bridget was going to be participating in a poetry reading in Manhattan. A good friend of hers from way back, Marvin Silbersher had asked Bridget to assist him in reading some poems that he wrote. The event took place in a art gallery in New York City. Marvin and Bridget know each other for many years. He guest starred in an episode of Here Come The Brides. He played the part of a navigator that Captain Clancey needed to sail his ship with the brides aboard to take them back east. The episode was titled "After A Dream, Comes Mourning".


The poetry reading was very moving. Some of the selections were happy and others were sad. The meanings were deep and they make you think and reflect on different issues. Bridget was very inspiring in her readings offering each one to the audience with feeling and anticipation. Marvin was marvelous and moving with his selections and when Bridget and him did poems together they were wonderful!!

I want to take this opportunity to thank Bridget for coming to New York only two months after 9/11. It took great courage for her to make that journey across the country. I am happy she did because I really needed a little Bridget at that time. Thank you Bridget and God bless you.
Karen Osher
New York City